Accessibility Evaluation Tools for Text Equivalents

Web accessibility evaluation tools help examine if a web resource meets accessibility standards. Although these tools are based on the same accessibility principles, each tool operates based on its own set of evaluation criteria. These tools will only provide means to perform an evaluation with, and will not automatically determine whether a web resource is accessible.

Firefox Accessibility Extension

Information on Firefox Accessibility Extension


Functional Accessibility Evaluator (FAE) analyzes web resources for markup that is consistent with the use of CITES/DRES HTML Best Practices for development of functionally accessible web resources that also support interoperability.

Read about FAE.

Testing from FAE Website

Screenshot of view

Testing from Firefox Accessibility Extension

If you are browsing with Firefox and have the Firefox Accessibility Extension installed, running FAE from the Extension offers a different way of testing accesibility of a single page you are currently browsing.

  1. Tools button
  2. FAE Report option

Screenshot of navigation to FAE from Firefox extension toolbar

Summary Report

screenshot of FAE summary report with form labels highlighted

Page Report

screenshot of FAE Page Report for Navigation & Orientation with Form labels highlighted

WAVE 3.0 Accessibility Tool

WAVE 3.0 Accessiblity Tool Website

screenshot of change preferences button on WAVE

AIS Toolbar

AIS Toolbar helps examination of web pages for a variety of aspects of accessibility by identifying components of the web resource and simulating user experience.

AIS Toolbar is used with Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Read more about AIS Toolbar on AIS website.