Digital Media Object Rules

HTML Markup Details

object element
embed element

Accessibility Evaluation Rules

no. Testing Description Implementation
FAE Firefox
1 Check

Video, audio and Flash Media objects must have synchronized text captions or text transcripts.

2 Check

Video, audio and Flash Media objects must have audio descriptions if the it contains essential visual information that is not discernable from the dialog or audio track.

3 Check

Video, audio, Flash Media objects should have controls to pause, play, stop and restart.

4 Check

Video, audio and Flash Media objects must not automatically play sound when the page is loaded.

Implementation Notes

  • Sounds less than 3 seconds in total duration are exempt from this rule

FAE Rule Implemetation

Illinois Functional Accessibility Evaluator 1.0
The Illinois Functional Accessibility Evaluator is a web based tool to help developers evaluate web resources for the use of the iCITA HTML best practices.
Web interface cannot currently analyze content generated dynamically with javascript.
Illinois Firefox Accessibility Extension
The Illinois Firefox Accessibility Extension is a Firefox add-in that is designed to identify accessibility features for both static and dynamically generated html content.
Useful for identifying the location of specific accessibility problems for failures and warnings indentified in FAE reports.
Create FAE reports for a page that uses javascript to generate page content with the FAE DHTML Report feature.